How to receive speedy medical opinion from our eminent medical consultants?

1. Write to us your name and  contact
address details.

2. What are your main complains?

3. Your current diagnosis or condition. If known, then, send by email or by UPS / DHL / FedEx courier original reports or copy of recent clinical observations / diagnosis / medical report translated into English.

Do you have results from tests or
investigations at other hospitals that
you can share with us?

5. Do you have pain in the lower back?

6. Does the pain radiate down the leg &
if so which leg?

7. How long do you have this pain?

8. What aggravates your pain - by
bending, lifting heavy objects,
coughing, sneezing etc.?

9. Does this pain get relieved by lying in
bed or at rest?

10. Are you diabetic?

11. Do you have any cardiac history?

12. What is your age?

13. Has the patient got any difficulty in passing urine?


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